Websiteupdate: 02-27-2022

Websiteupdate: 10-05-2019

Websiteupdate: 09-22-2019

  • # Wags has been really busy and has released just another Video today representing the Laser guided Bomb drop with JTAC on the F-16 Viper Acedemic Tutorial Series.

Websiteupdate: 09-21-2019

  • # Wags has released the latest Video on the F-16 Viper Academic Tutorial Series, which is the unguided Bombing representation.

Websiteupdate: 09-11-2019

Websiteupdate: 09-01-2019

  • # The spanish Tutorial Series Collection created by Revientor Reborn was updated today with his Brevity Codes Tutorial Videos Series. However, these Video are not (probably yet) providing Translated Subtitles.

Websiteupdate: 08-31-2019

  • # The first F-16C Viper Tutorial Video for the upcoming Module has been released a couple days ago by Eagle Dynamics. Tt´s the beginning of the Academic Tutorial Series similar to what Wags has created (and still is creating content) for the F-18C.

Websiteupdate: 08-24-2019

Websiteupdate: 08-22-2019

  • # The Spitfire Tutorial Collection Page was started today.

Websiteupdate: 08-14-2019

  • # Chuck has released his F-14B Tomcat Guide which was added to the Tutorial Collection as well

Websiteupdate: 08-11-2019

  • # The F-86F Sabre Tutorial Collection was started
  • # Spain Languages Tutorials were introduced into the Tutorial Collection and the Tutorial Series Collection. Respective Videos are marked with the spain Flag

Websiteupdate: 08-09-2019

  • # huge update on the KA-50 Tutorials page. There´s of course plenty of other Tutorials out there. So if you believe that either your own or someone´s else Tutorials would be a better addition, so dont hesitate to pm me.

Websiteupdate: 08-04-2019

Websiteupdate: 08-03-2019

  • # The Website has recieved several changes to enhance the navigation and comfort in finding content
  • # Wags has created a huge bunge Content already for the F/A-18C Hornet. This Content was added to the YouTube Tutorial Series Section of the Website, really worth a look into his huge knowlwdegebase. Expect to see the same representation of his other Modules as soon as they are or will be available (F-16).
  • # Laobi´s Tutorials can now be accessed quite easily via the 1 Minute Tutorial pool page
    thus, one has a better overview on which Modules have already been covered by Laobi.
  • # Also, new updates on Laobis 1 Minute Tutorials
    - F/A-18C Hornet
    - F-14B Tomcat
    - I-16 Polikarpov
    - FW190-A8 Anton

Websiteupdate: 08-01-2019

  • # I´ve introduced a new feature today. Not all Tutoprials were created in english language. Thus I started to add respective Flags icons on each Module icon to represent the provided language. That makes things easier for me to put content on the website and for you to figure out whether that specific Tutorial was created in your language or not.

    Currently I difere between 2 major langauges which is German and english .
    I thought about to difere between american and british english, but that wouldnt make any sense, so I stick with the british icons. If Tutorials in languages other than english and german shall become part of that Tutorial Collection, so tell me what your Tutorial is about and what language do you speak.

Websiteupdate: 07-29-2019

  • # Rakuzard´s Tutorials in german language were added to the Tutorial series pool. But not to let the english Community down, he has created one very specific series in English language as well, so it does worth a look.

Websiteupdate: 07-24-2019

Websiteupdate: 07-19-2019

Websiteupdate: 07-15-2019

  • # DCS: Mi-8 Section has started
  • # Brixmis educational Website was added to the general Tutorial Page. On this website one has a general overview of different Modules and can get lots of information, check it out.

Websiteupdate: 07-12-2019

  • # A new feature has startet to represent Video Series well sorted on one place. I started the Series with is Bunyaps Video Series named "on the Range" and "Testflight", whereas Testflight is for now covering the UH-1H and the F-86 Sabre...more will be added later. The Series overview page yet needs to be created, thus I placed the initial Link into the important resources Box (marked with ***NEW***). Later I´ll create a dedicated page for the most known YouTuber and their Video Series. I hope you find this kind of representation of all of these great resources useful. Any feedback would be great.

Websiteupdate: 07-11-2019

Websiteupdate: 07-10-2019

Websiteupdate: 07-07-2019

  • # Bunyaps F-5E Academic Series added to the F-5E Tutorial Collection
  • # F-5E Tutorial Collection started with lots of interesting Tutorials

Websiteupdate: 07-03-2019

  • # A-10C | added Markpoint and CDU Tutorial as new Sections

Websiteupdate: 07-01-2019

  • # MD-44´s F-14B Tomcat Guide was added to the F-14 Tutorial Collection.
  • # Navigation: Misc links directly refering now to the content instead of the navigation
  • # Changelog now also added to the Navigation page

Websiteupdate: 06-29-2019

  • # little helpers Section started (to be found the the Navigation/Misc
  • # Changelog added (Changelog can be accessed from of the footer)
  • # FW-190 Section was started with several great Tutorials
  • # A-4E Section was started with several great Tutorials
  • # A-10C Section was started with lots of great Tutorials

Websiteupdate: 06-28-2019

  • # loading issue with icons fixed
  • # grammer issue on Navigationpage fixed - Combat file --> CombatFlite (Thanks to Space_Cadet)
  • # F-15C and Mig-29 Sectioned started with a bunch of great Tutorials - Thanks to Pac-Man
  • # added several Tutorials to F-14 Section