How does it work

To realize my idea to offer Information that can be easily navigated, we needed a logical path. By clicking on the "MODULES" navigation item on the upper menu, you´ll be directed to a page where all Modules are listed sorted by their individual branch (Fixed Wing separated in modern Aera, Vietnam and cold War etc.). Each individual Module page will direct you further to Module related information such as Tutorials, References as well as Hardware Profiles (if available). The representation of the Tutorials is further divided in Categories and Subcategories. All Information is available in form of YouTube Videos, PDF Files and Internet URLs.

It is important to mention that I wont store any material on my webserver, I am simply providing references to specific Information.

The right hand side boxes contain specific information to release notes, Release versions (linked to their individual Changelog reports posted by Eagle Dynamics on the ED Forums) and the most important YouTube Channels (linked to the individual Video libraries of each Channel) and furthermore Chucks Guides library on the ED Forums. Each Module also refers to Chucks Guides as well if available.

Can I participate?

Of course you can. If you´ve created your own Tutorial and want it to be added to the collection, just shoot me a message in the ED Forums or send me an Email. For my contact information click this link.